Aug 182015

With his peeps.

Modeling a t-shirt from Kendahl. It really makes his eyes pop. :)


Reppin’ PVRIS.

  • School starts on the 31st. I’m simultaneously thrilled and depressed.
  • Henry and I let him start a private FB account so that he can play games (ugh) and also have a way to contact us during the day. I let him add some of his family and some our close friends, and made sure that his settings prevented random strangers from contacting him. Everything was fine but then he figured out that he could add people to a group chat that Henry started for the three of us, so he started adding some of my friends, who in turn were like, “WHY IS MY PHONE BLOWING UP WITH FACEBOOK STICKERS? WHY DON’T YOU TRY PARENTING YOUR KID FOR A CHANGE!?” and I was frantically trying to remove people as he was adding them, WHILE I WAS AT WORK. By the time I got home, I marched over to him and yelled, “I’M DELETING YOUR ACCOUNT, YOU SUCK!” And Henry was all, “Now, now, kids. Let’s try to talk about this” but it was too late because Chooch and I had each other by the neck at this point. So I stormed off because fuck you for meddling, Henry. A little while later, Chooch came into my bedroom and sneered, “You don’t have to worry about me anymore BECAUSE I UNFRIENDED YOU.” Mother. Fucker.
    • His profile picture is Marcy. :(
  • Chooch had an altercation with one of our neighbors. I’ve been trying to get him to write about it because it’s awesome. We’ll see.
  • All of his neighborhood friends are annoying. I hope that they all stop playing together once school starts. OK MAYBE IT’S JUST THAT I HATE KIDS.

And that’s all I got right now. I need another vacation. Sucks to be me. Too bad, so sad.

  3 Responses to “What Chooch Has Been Doing”

  1. It’s probably just that kids are fucking terrible.

    • Oh god they start knocking on our door so early! I’m like HOW HAVE YOU NOT CAUGHT ON THAT HE DOES NOT WAKE UP THIS EARLY?! The one talks like a cartoon and the other has zero personality and just stares at me from afar. Hooligans.

  2. Yes, please do have a post about the Neighbor Altercation.

    When Riley added me, I thought, SHIT, do I have anything inappropriate on mine?! But, no. Just me acting like a lunatic and metal.

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