Jul 312010

Lawson (l.) and Evan, who was always nervous and hyper-aware of my presence.

Eleventh grade started out to be a horrible year for me. Rumors were started by a bunch of janiform assholes who were merely masquerading as my friends. Half the time, I didn’t want to go to school. I was being harassed on the daily. Teachers were intervening. My friend Lisa stepped in at one point too, and there was a confrontation which made the situation worse for me, but I loved Lisa for trying.

Of course, the whole brouhaha started over a guy. And one that I didn’t even give a shit about, to boot.

I wasn’t super close with Lisa until that year. She took me in under her wing and slowly but surely, we found ourselves as the nuclei of our own group. In addition to the two of us were two other girls, Angie and Martha (her name was actually Melissa but we all called her Martha, the origins of which I’m unsure). We called ourselves L.A.M.E. accordingly.

There were some guys in our group, too. Lawson and Russ from the previous post, and Evan. We went to haunted houses togethers. Had parties at each others houses. Watched hockey games in my grandparents’ basement while Sharon stamped around in a huff upstairs. (She HATED that my pappap let us hang out there.)

Of course, when my pappap passed away halfway through my eleventh grade year, all those other assholes were suddenly remorseful, showing up at the funeral, calling me with their hollow sympathies. Two of those people continued to make my life shit even after high school; one of them befriended Henry’s ex-wife and alerted her of my pregnancy before Henry had a chance to tell his kids.

But the people in this picture below? None of them ever fucked me over.

Angie, me, Martha, Lisa, Russ, Lawson, Evan: in my pappap’s game room.