Oct 122008

Henry must really love me because he won this super fly fucking phenomenal piece of 1980’s shit for me on Ebay. He must have known that the production of my thirtieth birthday party would certainly have to be halted if I didn’t have the perfect prom dress to wear. I feel like this dress needs to send a telegram to Uggs, demanding its name back. The only way it could be any uglier (aside from the fact that it will have a one Erin Appledale sausaged into it) would be if I wore it WITH Uggs.Seriously, someone originally paid $230 for this slipshod collage of metallic taffeta and lace.


Yes, my birthday is in July and yes planning has already begun. It is going to be big because I’m tired of having sad and pathetic birthdays and everyone is invited. There will be tombstone cookies! THERE WILL BE (MIGHT BE) A PHOTO BOOTH! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

  16 Responses to “Operation Dress Acquisition: COMPLETE”

  1. awesome!!!!123w12!!!!!!!!E!@@@!
    good work henry!

    your party will OWN!

  2. Andie and Ducky!!!

    That is some dress! Cannot wait to hear about the plans!

  3. I totally want to come to your party!

  4. 30 is the new 21. srsly.

    i am having a huge 30th bday bash in may. i figure i’m too old to care if it’s inappropriate at this point.

    • It really is the new 21. I was too busy being depressed and angsty to have a proper sweet sixteen or debacherous 21st (but for some reason I celebrated the shit out of 19) so I’m doing this one up big-like!

  5. I am borrowing this when you are done with it

  6. I think I am going to have nightmares about this dress tonight. I will be very jealous in these nightmares because that dress is freaking awesome!!

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