Dec 172013

Found these old diary pages from when I was 8. I only filled three pages of that diary, probably because my two year old brother, Ryan, had beaten me so badly that I was unable to hold a pen.

I’m totally not that dramatic anymore. Thank god, right? RIGHT?

  4 Responses to “Hyperbolic in ’88”

  1. Chooch needs a journal!! Omg. It’s going to be full of “why can’t Christopher Drew be my dad” etc

  2. This is so adorable.

  3. What a jerk Ryan was, beating you up and really, just existing. I completely agree with Andrea, you need to get Chooch a diary. It’d be so awesome!

  4. My favorite part was your interjection about the smeary pen.

    I loved this so much; please post more pages. Your life was so much more dramatic than mine! All I ever wrote about was the weather and the Hardy Boys.

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