Jan 052015

Some years ago, a crazy lady started a fight with me on Twitter because I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. One of the only slams she had on me was that I ONLY WRITE ABOUT MYSELF OMG. Writing about myself on my own personal blog, such nerve. Much audacity.

I mean, if people would stop taking out restraining orders on me, I’d have way more random lives to write about.

That broad was whack, but I have been thinking about switching shit up on here. Spritz it with some literary Febreze. Mask my own typo-riddled solipsism with the occasional guest post. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A SPECIAL GUEST STAR?!

As such, I’ve decided to do a monthly/bi-monthly/whenever I fucking feel like it travel-themed post where my friends—or anyone who happens to read this and becomes possessed with the spirit of Fodor’s—can submit a travel piece about their hometown! It doesn’t have to be some sprawling metro, either—I don’t discriminate against the rural demographic. Tell us where we can find the best hay bales to get high behind or where you go to use a rotary payphone in your Appalachian holler. I’m looking for YOUR favorite things about your hometown, cemeteries you’d take out-of-town friends for a walk, have the best ice cream, buy wheelchairs. OK fine–places you’d take me if I was visiting. BECAUSE THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT ME.

This is perfect for people who have a minimal desire to blog but are too ADD to maintain one of their own; have an upcoming typing test and need the practice; get off on the Internet to know intimate details, such as which drug store they get prescriptions filled and buy pregnancy tests to resell behind high schools.

Are you interested? You would have free reign–I don’t have a rigid format in mind, you won’t be censored (UNLESS YOU HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS THAN MINE. j/k.), you can include pictures. Take us on a tour!

Email me your travelogue (or questions) here: butgavincantdance [at] gmail.com. Don’t forget to include a short bio with any social media contact info you want me to post!

  10 Responses to “Calling All Blogging Proxies!”

  1. I just found out that a local deli (Greenfield) is moving downtown. HOMEMADE PIEROGIES and lots of other good stuff. Supposed be located on Liberty Ave. Not sure what spot though.

  2. If even one of them can make me laugh out loud as often as you do … you’ll have competition! LOL. -Kate (Stubblejumpin Gal)

    • Kate, I would be really happy if you wanted to contribute something! Think about it ;)

      • Are you kidding! I could never in a million years write anything as hilariously as you do. Posting on your blog would really “show me up.”
        Also, re the house: I would pose as someone shopping for a buyer in a distant city, and ask the realtor to show me around and let me take pictures; assuming the owner is out when you go there.

  3. I’m in.

  4. the town i grew up in (austin, mn – home of hormel and SPAM) was and is a dumpy little town. i did a blog piece on it a while back with some pics. i can root around a find/edit it if you’re interested! it wouldn’t be a “here’s where to get your hair did and here’s what you do on a friday night” sort of thing. more like a “this town is a dump; i admit it’s a dump; but it’s MY dump.”

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