Mar 192016

Lazy Saturday up in here. Chooch and I went to see Carly Rae Jepsen last night and were out way too late; I don’t know how I was able to sleep last night! Anyway, once I’m done buzzing about that I’ll write some sort of ALL CAPITAL LETTER review, I’m sure.

Then my friend Evonne stopped by with a dozen of FARM FRESH EGGS, a lemon, a lime, and some Cat Sip for the kittens. Thanks, Evonne!

I’m using my blog as a diversion because the Penguins are playing the Flyers and my nerves are shot and I’m trying not to look at the TV for fear of vomiting. So, here are some pictures.
Fucking DREW killed more of my succulents and I have nowhere else to move them! RIP Agnes. Maybe you’ll miraculously grow back.

Perhaps if I hadn’t given my plants names and personalities, it would hurt me less when they’re murdered. :(

 Pre-CRJ dinner date at Grant’s. Henry and I split a piece of their coconut cream pie (THE BEST IN THE WORLD) because I was already feeling sick (butterflies!) but now I wish I could go back in time and just eat the entire pie. Slices are pointless.

Also, I feel blessed that this quality joint is within walking distance of Mr. Small’s.  
This is my favorite building downtown Pittsburgh. Look at the design on that facade! My friend Chris found out for me that this is the BUHL BUILDING and I have to remember to google that sometime soon because once every 11 years, I allow myself to learn a thing about my city.

 POSTCARDS! I think I have mailed 7 so far so check yo’ mailboxes! If you get one, tag it on Instagram: #greetingsfromerinslunchbreak

Lol I have no idea what sort of meaningless movement I’m tying to start here but please just let me my fun. I’ll lose interest soon, I’m sure! 

I found this old picture on Flickr the other day and it made me laugh because Chooch still makes the same expression when I want him to take a picture with me.  

The other succulent killer, Penelope. SHE’S LUCKY SHE’S SO CUTE.

The Penguins are winning 4-1 with a minute left so I think I’m safe to look up now. SEE YA, MY LITTLE CHIA PETS.

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  1. Shit, I’m sorry I failed to tag mine on Instantgram! Mine is friends only though, so ugh, nevermind.

    Even without the designs, I think that building would be striking. The ghost of Pittsburgh past, still alive.

    Look at a baby Riley! Looking so troubled!

    I love that you completely understand when I am sick before a show.

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