May 052016


I’m sure every day last week you were screaming to the heavens: BUT WHAT DID THEY DO WITH THEIR CATS WHILE THEY WERE ON VACATION?!

That was you that Hot Naybor Chris saw peeking in my windows, right?


Fear not! My awesome brother Corey cat-sat for me, even though he has so much going on in his own life. Much appreciate, so relief! Even though he duped me into dusting off Snapchat by sending me cat snaps. We had only been gone a day before he changed Penelope’s name to “P” and before I knew it, they were eating tacos and watching music videos with him.

I mean, when he wasn’t face-swapping with my clowns.

It seemed like they were having so much that I was partly worried they wouldn’t be happy to see us when we came home on Sunday. :(

“What should we get Corey for watching our cats?” I asked.

“A cat,” Henry instantly suggested.

I think for a minute or two, they were kind of bummed that it was just us and not “Uncle Cor-Cor” and then Chooch completely lost his mind and started choking on his tears (I’m not mean enough to post the video here) because HE MISSED THEM SO MUCH OMG. The ducks he befriended at the resort just weren’t enough to fill the cat-void, I guess.

It was actually kind of the sweetest thing. That boy loves cats. If you’re ever trying to buy him a gift, THINK CATS.

(Just not a real cat, thanks. We’ve met our quota with two.)


I think they did miss us though, as evidenced by the extreme “latching-on” phase they’re going through right now. For as light as these girls are, I feel like I’m being pinned down by sacks of potatoes when they lay on top of me in bed. Jesus Christ.

And this concludes my cat update, which is brought to you by the letter S for stalling (haven’t recouped enough from vacation to start recapping it!) and the color blue for the eye shadow I’m wearing today…? I don’t know you guys, I don’t work for Sesame Street.

  2 Responses to “Them Catz”

  1. At first I thought that faceswap photo was from #ABM! And I’m actually still not sure! PLEASE SAY IT IS.

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