Oct 272016

Pretending that Balance & Composure hadn't skipped Pittsburgh. 💔

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It’s been a week. Just…a week. Not good. But bad. Mildly frustrating with some highlights (the Joyce Manor show!) and lowlights (Professional Driver Henry wrecking my car – no one was hurt but now my car is all smashed). I’ve also cried A LOT this week — but it was all over TV shows and music. 

Just a weird fucking week. 

And I can’t tell if I’m getting sick or of my throat just hurts from all the shrieking I did tonight at Shadows haunted trail. (I screamed so loud at one point that one of the monsters broke character and said that I actually scared him and that his heart was racing, and Henry said he heard me all the way from the parking lot. 

So please enjoy this Balance & Composure song which is my favorite from their new album and I think I have listened to it over 87 times in the last two days because it makes me feel all wistful & whatever. HOPE YOU LIKE IT. 

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  1. “The video is not available.”

    My own fault for being so far behind. Same thing with Jill Coleman’s polls. I’ve finally caught up on HER emails a year later.

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