Jun 142017

Currently enduring some of the worst parts of mania. Who cares though. Here’s some happy things cuz fake it till u make it amirite lol. 

1. I got to see my buddy Nina and her kids a few weeks ago when she was visiting from Virginia! Wendy and I had lunch with her and some of her other friends and it was really great. Always great to see her pretty face. I miss working with her! She used to take care of me, like the time I broke the Keurig and she fixed it for me before I cut myself or broke a sweat or whatever. 

2. Lori made me a G-Dragon Countdown calendar and even did it all in Hangul which makes me so happy because I can read it, mostly! I’m actually learning a different number system though, so now I’ll know both sino-Korean numbers along with native thanks to this! I love that there are people who encourage my obsessive behavior :) 

3. testing out the filters on the Snow app on Glenn & Todd at work yesterday. I love this app!


4. It’s summer, almost?

5. It’s storming and maybe I can possibly get struck by lightning?

Well, I guess that’s it at the moment. Everything else sucks.  I’ll try harder next time. 

  2 Responses to ““don’t need a metaphor 4 u 2 know I’m miserable””

  1. Hang in there, buddy.

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