Jul 092017

Major breaking news: I somehow coerced Henry into doing not one, not two, but FIVE Kpop dance workouts with me last night and tonight! Even Chooch joined in for some of it (he loves K-Kardio’s routine for “Fire” by BTS). We had so much fun (laughing at Henry)!!

I try not to be one of those annoying “I AM ON A DIET/GOING TO THE GYM” people who do nothing but talk about their progress, because last time I checked, this wasn’t a fitness blog and literally no one cares, but it has really changed my life so much. Exercising isn’t a drag, I’m not starving, I freaking love the Korean food Henry makes me everyday, and I just feel so much better in so many ways. 

Today, for example, I tried on a Warped Tour shirt that we bought Chooch in 2013….it’s an adult XS. And it freaking fit me. And not even like a sausage-casing either! Just like…a normal tank. Granted, Chooch got so many permanent stains on it that I can’t wear it without looking like a slob. This is also the first summer I’ve worn shorts in public without being worried about how I look. (I might have body dysmorphia and super low self esteeem. I mean, duh.)

Just today, I was reminiscing about how I was addicted to diet pills from GNC, back when none of the bad shit was banned yet, and there was one time my then-boyfriend found me passed out on the bathroom floor and promptly flushed my pills down the toilet because he was so afraid I was going to die. And also the time I bent over to tie my shoes and passed out because: diet pills. 

Pill Diet. 

My friend Brian and I even considered moving to Japan long enough to lose weight because whatever that banned ingredient was, it was A-OK in Japan!

I mean I laugh about it now, but I don’t miss those dangerous, unhealthy days AT ALL. Thank you, Kpop. 

If anyone is interested, the links to the Kpop dance fitness YouTube channels I frequent the most are below. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!

This was my favorite one to make Henry perform:


  2 Responses to “K-Diet Interlude”

  1. I might jump on this bandwagon. I need something fun to work out to because my weight has been climbing again, boo.
    I subscribed to top channel. Which one is the easiest for beginners?

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