May 032011

Chooch has decided that the theme of his upcoming birthday party is Star Wars, which I suppose is an improvement from “carrots,” because I was having a hard time finding carrot-y decorations.  I have less than two weeks to think of non-gory, G-rated ways to entertain a bunch of fucking preschoolers. However, this is not my area of expertise*; my knowledge of Star Wars is very base at best, so suggestions are welcome.

(*Really, if it’s not inside the covers of Alternative Press, a sport played on ice with a puck, anything horror-related, or a show called Degrassi, I’m definitely not your girl. Go ask Google. I know very little about the world around me.)

Things would be so much easier if he had just let me plan Zombie Party 2.0 like I wanted, but this is one of the few times I was able to step away from my inflated ego and admit that it’s not always about me, motherfuckers. (Though it should be.)

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  1. why not have a zombie star wars party? ;)

  2. I swear you mentioned this a little while ago. I saw this: and was trying to find where you said it to post on it. But yay you posted it here so I don’t look like a weird stalker just posting things on you facebook. =)

    And by the way plans changed like crazy and I might/ most likely be moving to Pittsburgh in about 2 weeks!!!!

    • Dammit I can’t view that—is it friends only? :(

      And two weeks!? This is exciting!! I can’t wait to meet you!

      • Oh sorry I didn’t even see that. This mom just put on a star wars party for her 6 year.
        Here’s some links she posted:

        She took a baseball shaped pinata and spray painted it silver and added detail with sharpie for the death star.

        She had a sign by the light sabers “By Imperial Decree: No lightsabers in the house
        One lightsaber per child Upon issue use name tag to prevent clone wars.

        I’m excited to get back to city living (but I don’t miss the traffic) And I’m excited to know someone down here already!

  3. I can admit, ashamedly, that I’ve seen the movies, but the only thing that I can remember in vivid detail, is when Luke Skywalker cuts open his alien kangaroo-horse-animal and sleeps inside its stomach on an arctic tundra to keep warm. I don’t think that’s appropriate for kids, though. Maybe Henry can make some Star Wars lollipops? (Too soon?) I bet you could paint an awesome galaxy mural, Erin, and I think that glow sticks would be fun… but I’ve never planned a kids’ party, so don’t hold me to these suggestions. Good luck! I’m sure it will turn out great!

  4. That pic is just too, too rad.

  5. Personally, I love the idea of a carrot party!! That’s pretty clever. ;)

    I wish I had some witty advice, but I am one of those people that’s totally awed when other moms pull off these gorgeous themed parties for their kids. Peapod’s second birthday was done in Blue’s Clues and I got everything I needed off of eBay!

  6. GOD I WANT YOUR APPS! What a cool effect on his photo!!!

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