Oct 212011

My friend Chris from Castle Blood has lent me some tattooed skin for my desk, which has seriously increased the creep-factor.

My boss was looking at it the other night and asked me repeatedly if I was sure it wasn’t real. I guess she just expects some asshole like me to come carting in the real deal.

Another one of my bosses was reading the diary and I was telling her about how I plan to finish everything off next week. She looked alternately worried and impressed.

“You’re scary smart,” she said, which was nice to hear because I didn’t even think I was “regular smart,” so it was a really great night after that.

I’m really happy with the way these add to the macabre motif, and that some people are questioning whether or not I gave Henry a good carving.

I also made some additions to the killer’s diary, but I forgot to take pictures of that. And I took the night off work so it’ll have to wait till Monday. (I have so much time accumulated, that I’m just picking random days to take off at this point. It’s kind of nice.)

And now that our killer, Glenn aka Ken Lobe, is back from vacation, it’s been even more fun watching him look at everything and fall just short of connecting all the dots. I stole one of his desk keys for next week’s finale and he hasn’t seemed to notice yet.

I haven’t really been able to explore my darker side since I quit writing short stories, so this has been a really great release for me. I don’t want it to end.

  11 Responses to “Murder Desk: Week 3 Additions”

  1. Erin, you are a shoe-in to win the desk contest. There is NO WAY you could lose. I don’t even have to see the competition. !!!!! Where are these short stories and will you please read them to me?!?! !!!!!!! Oops…I meant…can I please read them?!?!?!? !!!!!

  2. I can’t believe you posted this! I was just talking about this with my husband. He’s always wondered why people don’t preserve their loved one’s tattoos after they die. To which I responded not with a comment but a look. A very horrified, creeped out sort of look. He’ll be thrilled to know he is not alone!

    • I’m sure there are people out there that have the real thing preserved, too!

      • It’s already a clause in my will that I would like all of my tattoos removed and preserved before I’m cremated. Most of them already have homes to go to!

        • Otherwise it would be such a waste! If Henry’s tattoos weren’t crap, I’d definitely want them when he dies. ;)

          • Lol, I thought about that with some people too. “Er, I’ll take the pony but I always thought that chipmunk was kinda…I mean, save some for other people!”

            I guess if people fight over which pieces of your dead flesh they get after you’re gone, it means they’re good tattoo?

            Have Henry get a huge tattoo of your face on his back, then you get a keepsake of his, AND a sweet-ass self-portrait :)

        • I have a friend who wanted to do that, but from what he could find out it wasn’t legal in the US. I don’t know though. I never wanted it done so I haven’t ever tried researching the legality of it all.

  3. I wish I could be there to see it

  4. I’m glad that they are hitting the mark. They are the brainchild of Josh James of skin-collector.com, and his original work has a very interesting backstory. I had him do some custom work for me a year and a half ago and he does great work on custom jobs as well as the things in his own head.

    Sometimes it is more fun to turn heads than to win a prize, and it looks like the project has been turning heads since day one! I can’t wait to see pictures once all of the additions are in place!

  5. You know, I could really see myself doing something like this. Maybe not a serial killer desk exactly, but entering a contest at work that most people would blow off, but I take way too seriously.

    I hope you win!

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