Oct 072012


I was looking for a picture of myself when I dressed as a clown for my third Halloween, and ended up finding this picture, too. I have something like three photos in total of my birth dad who died right before my third birthday, and of course there’d be a clown in one.

Now I’m all sad.

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  1. I think I was a clown when I was 3, too. That was before my parents realized my great fear of clowns (at least, I hope it was before they learned that).

  2. You don’t say much about your bio dad on here so this was kind of unexpected. I totally get why you’d be feeling sad – maybe you should write about it?

    • I mean, I was so young when he died, you know? I only have tiny little fragments of a memory of him. But I have been really emotional lately thinking of family I’ve lost, both living and dead. As much as I love October, it does make me miss a lot of things, mostly my mom.

      My Aunt Charmaine (on my dad’s side) wrote a story about the night he died for a writing class she took in college. She gave me a copy when I met her 11 years ago. Maybe writing something about him would help me.

  3. ~hugs~

  4. Do you mind if I ask what happened to him? Today was the 24th anniversary of my brother’s death and I’ve been thinking of writing about him. Love this photo.

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