Feb 142013


I have vowed to mention Henry’s brutal bowling blunder at least once a day on the Internet for an entire week. I have one day left. Maybe I’ll recreate the crime using Homies.

Happy Valentines’s Day, Henry, you brute.

  3 Responses to “Goofus & Gallant, OHE-Style: Henry’s Brutal Bowling Blunder”

  1. Hahahaha this is amazing! I loved these comics as a kid. Half the time, I was like, what’s wrong with Goofus? Can’t a kid just get some slack?

    • They were such great comics! I loved Highlights in general. Remember the Timbertoes?!

      • Yes! Oh man. I loved the Timbertoes. We were poor so the only time I got to read them was at the doctor’s office, and I used to get so excited! And then I met a friend whose family had a subscription and well, let’s just say I stayed friends with her for quite awhile longer than I liked her.

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