Aug 032014

It rained most of the morning and afternoon here in Pittsburgh, so I treated myself to a binge-session of the new (and final) season of The Killing. (This TV series has seriously affected me in some mysterious ways and I am so happy that Netflix revived it long enough for the series to get a proper wrap-up, but also devastated that it’s donezo.)

Then the rain broke, so I made Chooch go for a walk with me to try to balance things out. I hate being even a little sloth-like. This is why, even when I’m sick, I don’t rest. I brought my camera because I’m trying to get back into the habit of taking pictures of Chooch. I’ve been L-Z when it comes to using my camera lately, and then when I’m like, “Henry I want a new camera, buy me a new camera, Henry” he’s like “Why? You barely use the one you have.” True story. So if you’re ever thinking, “Why is she getting worse at this instead of better?”, well, that’s why.

But at least I’m getting a little better at remembering to bring the camera with me. Baby steps!


We walked to the abandoned Bradley School, which used to be a school for deaf kids. (Or blind? I’ve been there often enough, kicking around shards of broken glass, that you would think I would know this.)




This was Chooch’s idea. “Take a picture of me looking evil, and then photoshop a dead girl behind me.”

IMG_8318 IMG_8307

Chooch wants me to call this one “I’m Beautiful and Fabulous.” Done.


It occurred to me, halfway through our fauxtoshoot, that no one knew where we were. So I texted Henry and told him “you know, in case something happens to us.” And all he said was “ok.” No “good luck” or “please be careful” or “OMG I”m so afraid for you” or “PLEASE DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS.”

Not even a reminder to be mindful of the “CAUTION: ASBESTOS” signs posted all over the property.

IMG_8320 IMG_8291

Don’t worry: we kept out.


IMG_8302 IMG_8278

Spoiler alert: we made it home safe and sound and Henry was like “ok.” Then I watched the series finale of The Killing and bawled my little bitchy eyes out. I’ll miss you, Linden and Holder. :(

  4 Responses to “In Between The Killing and the Rain”

  1. I LOVE The Killing. We haven’t seen the most recent season yet. Our internet is crap so I can’t stream. Have to wait til it’s available on DVD. I can’t believe they got rid of the show… one of the best made in recent years.

    Chooch is getting so big! Great shots :)

    • UGH!! I hope you get to watch it soon! I was trying so hard to pace myself, but I ended up watching all 6 (only 6!!) episodes today.

      I’m so thankful that this show was resurrected TWICE! But it just sucks that it’s over. Those characters really resonated with me, and the music was so good and everything was so dark and dreary—it was perfect. I wish more people would have watched it. :(

  2. Gahd, he’s getting so grown up! He looks like a freaking teenager already!

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