Sep 272015

No Spoilers Ahead: Me mommy and Corey went to see Goodnight Mommy. Corey was late so we couldn’t get a mask. They were handing out masks because it was the mask the twin boys wore to scare their mom. Their mom had plastic surgery and they wanted their mom back because they thought she was acting differently. They looked like our friend Kara’s son Harland but older. So Kara should be scared. When it was over I said that wasn’t scary that was sad. It wasn’t English it was German. But don’t worry it had subtitles. I almost fell down the stairs but that doesn’t matter. You could sometimes see the moms man boobs sometimes. That’s when I covered my eyes. Mommy had to cover her eyes sometimes, too. But I’m not going to say why because that would be a spoiler. I didn’t understand the movie it was strange and creepy. After mommy and Corey explained what it was about I understood it. I was sad mommy was scared. We saw it at the Hollywood Theatre in Dormont.

I would recommend this movie to people who aren’t pregnant or have kids. There was no funny parts all creepy.  The movie is abusive.

I was the only kid there! (;    If I had a kid I wouldn’t bring them to see this movie. Just saying. But you suit you. I’m not your MOM.

  5 Responses to “Goodnight Mommy: Chooch’s Review”

  1. “I’m not your MOM.” lolol

    I want to see this.

  2. “If I had a kid I wouldn’t bring them to see this movie. Just saying. But you suit you. I’m not your MOM.” …Lol!!

    Also, I was TWO minutes late! JEESH! 6:42PM was when I arrived, FOR THE RECORD.. lol

  3. 1. The skull-cat shirt rules.

    2. Thank you for the reassurance that it had subtitles.

    3. I am glad you didn’t fall down the stairs. Because then you might have bumped into an adult and they would have spilled popcorn on you.

    4. This was a very good review, thank you for writing it. I think that if I was given enough popcorn, I would definitely go see it.

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