Nov 292015

We have been so productive during this extended weekend! Perhaps someday it won’t feel like we live in a shanty. At the very least, it should be pretty clean for next weekend’s Vintage Snack Attack party that we’re having. 

Sometime during our quest to unlock total organization in our house, Henry found a stack of letters that I had my friends write to an unborn Chooch at my baby shower. I completely forgot these existed and boy are there some gems up in there. Several are from complete lunatics who thankfully packed up their Crazy and took it elsewhere, so Henry and I got some big LOLs and mild skin crawls out of those. (Remind me, Blog, to someday tell you of the Gallaghers! And Krazy Kathy! And Regan & Lance, the Civil War reenacters!)

Anyway, by the time Chooch arrived at Janna’s, his face was beet red from his patented brand of asphyxiating laughter. “Your friends have really shitty handwriting,” was basically what he took away from this exercise.  


Saturday morning, we got up early and went to Pat Catan’s because they were having some extended Black Friday sale and believe me we’re not the types to give a shit about this, but Henry stopped there on actual Black Friday too and was so proud of himself because he bought $140 worth of frames for $60 (what a deft act of consumerism!) and I only care because this benefitted me since I practically run a foster home for posters and screen prints but now most of them are framed and on walls! 

Henry needed more craft shit though so we stopped there around 8:30 and it was blessedly empty of overzealous deal-seekers. I hate craft stores but I always need the wares they’re selling. One of my many plights in life. 

I don’t know what my point was. 

After that, we met our friend Angie at Blue Flame for breakfast where she ACCUSED ME OF LIKING NICKELBACK. But then she invited us back to her house and gave us a tray of homemade cookie dough truffles, so all is well. 

She recently bought a house and was asking me for decorating ideas and I was just like why is she asking me if all people, because I walk into a room and think OMG my fake chapel for music worship can go in here! And Henry can install a slide into the ceiling for fast access from the master bathroom! 


Chooch was so proud of himself for capturing a rare Henry-smile. 

Then we came home and hung more pictures! And by we I mean Henry! Chooch said that sometimes he lays in bed and looks at all the art on his wall. I was like GOOD BECAUSE THATS THE POINT IDIOT.    

He’s still not pleased about his portrait HAHAHAHAH. 

 Henry rearranged the dining room wall too which is FINE but I won’t be happy with it until he paints it some gaudy color. I haven’t settled on one yet. 

I was cleaning out a junk drawer and found this gem which I honestly had no idea I still had:


I will own up to once casually liking ICP, but NEVER NICKELBACK!

In other weekend haps, we decorated Trudy last night and she looks motherfucking elegant. More on that later. The Walking Dead is on now, so….

P.S. I need to take a blog post titling class, clearly. 

  3 Responses to “Various Pictures From the Weekend”

  1. Lol yeah I have terrible handwriting haha. I’m glad he got to read those! No memory of what I wrote at all!

  2. “Remind me, Blog, to someday tell you of the Gallaghers! And Krazy Kathy! And Regan & Lance, the Civil War reenacters!”

    Isn’t there a video of messages to the unborn Riley, too? I seem to remember Michael Gallagher addressing Riley. And me drawing Robert Smith with a cupcake on something for Riley. Oh, that day! Please do tell.

    “what a deft act of consumerism!”

    Wow, Henry.

    I love Riley’s portrait. It’s perfect. And I love that he lies in bed looking at the art, and that you are No. 126.

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