Apr 172016

This weekend so far has been nice, and nice is what I need. We dropped Chooch off at his chorus rehearsal and went to Eide’s so I could stand in line and wait for them to open because god forbid I didn’t get my grubby hands on the RSD16 Xiu Xiu/Twin Peaks release, which was the one record that I HAD to have. I also grabbed the Goblin Suspiria 7″ and then smartly stopped at that because I could have easily spent all of our vacation money. Restraint, sometimes I have it.


Meanwhile, Kara had walked over to the school where Chooch’s chorus rehearsal was because she wanted to hear him sing, and can I just tell you how much that meant to me? I mean, I’m sure it probably meant a lot to him too, but this isn’t Oh Honestly, Chooch, so we’re just going to focus on my feelings here. Kara is such a good friend! She was still there when Henry and I got back, so I got to hang out with her and covet her son Theo’s PERFECT CURLS like I always do because oh, to have such effortlessly cute hair.

That kid on the far right, tho. HE IS A FUCKING JOY TO WATCH OMG DO I LIKE CHILDREN NOW?! No. I don’t.

Kara admitted that hearing the kids sing made her tear up a little bit and I reluctantly had to agree — I’m not a fan of children, but hearing these kids sing is kind of inspiring. This isn’t like listening to a bunch of kids who are forced to sing in their school’s holiday show. These kids were chosen to be there and are stoked to sing. This isn’t something that we have to drag Chooch out of bed for on Saturday mornings. I’m really excited for the big show next month!! Especially because it’s right down the street from my work so I don’t even have to go home. Convenience, I like it.


Henry and I don’t sit together anymore. We’re estranged sitters. It works better for everyone this way. Also, give Henry a chair and he will fall asleep in it immediately.

After chorus rehearsal, we went to Amber2‘s son Teddy’s first birthday party! Amber1 was there too, with her boyfriend Brian, so we all sat together and pigged out on plates of cheese and fruit and marveled over the fact that we were in a church and somehow our foreheads weren’t sizzling with the 666.  Chooch was immediately drawn to a blue balloon and was sparring with it dangerously close to the cake table and I was SWEATING. Everyone was like, “Chooch is being fine!” but I cried, “SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. THERE IS TENSION IN THE AIR.” Every time he went off to get more food, I was clenching at the table.

Turns out, nothing ended up happening. Especially when I let him use my phone and he killed a good 45 minutes playing with Face Swap.


Chooch as Bradley, lol.


We had a really fun time, but one of the highlights was definitely when Amber1 realized that Teddy was wearing an Uno t-shirt because he’s one. It was a real “wait for it…” moment.

In addition to the table of fruit, veggies, and cheese, there were stuffed shells and an entire hoagie ring WITH JUST VEGGIES on it. Oh how my meatless heart soared. Well done on the food spread, Amber2! When I was getting my meatless hoagie, Brian was behind me going on about Red Bull dressing, and I just walked away because I didn’t know what he was talking about. He brought it up again back at the table and Amber was like, “The what now?” and he was like, “Red Bull dressing. They have it up there.” And then it turned out only Henry understood what he was talking about because Amber and I both thought he meant that the dressing was made with Red Bull but apparently it’s dressing that is used at the restaurant Red Bull Inn, like how were we supposed to know that!?

Another highlight was when Brian asked me what the next concerts are that I’m going to and I was like, “YOU ARE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE BRO” so I happily told him all about Bled Fest and then we talked about Warped Tour and basically, Amber has to marry him now.

I got Teddy “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and wrote him a note inside about how there is a band that named themselves Silverstein after Shel Silverstein and if he ever wants to annoy his mom, he should listen to them real loud because she’ll hate it. :)

Amber kept trying to thrust Teddy at me because my baby allergy is hilarious to others. Luckily, she gave me treat bag for my troubles.


Then I told Chooch he was going home with Amber and Brian and he was all, “Thank god” because WE’RE HORRIBLE PARENTS, EVERYBODY. Thanks for inviting us, Amber!! It’s always fun to see my work buddies out in the wild.

After that, it was more #MakePappapsHouseGreatAgain.


We made a lot of progress and then somehow, we all just naturally migrated into the living room and spent a good hour hanging out and casually talking like a normal family, and THIS is what I meant about silver linings. I can’t remember the last time my mom and I sat in the same room and laughed.


The catalyst to this was horrific and traumatic, but the fact that we are able to still find humor in it and essentially coexist peacefully through it all speaks volumes. Everyday, I wake up and can’t wait to get back over there.


  4 Responses to “Ditch your problems, better days are coming”

  1. I love that kid and was so happy to hear him sing. I kinda want to come to the big show, but i will totally cry like a big goob.

    So so happy to hear about you talking with your mom. That’s huge! Thinking all of the good thoughts for you guys! <3

    • It’s been a very strange several weeks! I’m trying not to put too much stock in it but it would be really nice if the one thing that came out of this was a fresh start.

  2. “Also, give Henry a chair and he will fall asleep in it immediately.”

    A lot of Older Persons do that. It’s Older Person Syndrome.

    “I got Teddy “Where the Sidewalk Ends”

    I love that you picked that book for him! He’s going to love it!!

    I am cautiously optimistic about this tragedy bringing you and your mom back together. Maybe one good thing can come from this incident.

    And I love that shot of the external of the house. It WAS a mansion!

    • It used to be the biggest house in the borough! Not sure if that’s still true though. My Pappap worked so hard and that house was like his crowning glory. It’s going to be heartbreaking if we can’t save it. :(

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