Mar 042012

Hello. I hope you’re having a non-murderous Sunday morning. My contribution to the Internet today is a collection of links from my friends who like makeup way more than I do, but accept me anyway. I’d be using Sharpies on my face if not for them, so I guess you can basically say that they saved my life. I left my own link in there in case you missed the orange post.

Anyway, if you’re like me and generally spend your Sundays locked in your bedroom pouting, now you have something to read in between scribbling death notes with your boyfriend’s blood!

Lizzy shares a few items that stole her heart in February at The Nature of Beauty

Luna wants to know what your favorite eye shadow primer is at TOXiD-LOTUS.NET

Jen put together a colorful collection of Meow Cosmetics swatches at The Everyday Opinionista

Karoliina wants to show off a lilac look done with Darling Girl Cosmetics at
Bones and Lilies

Orange things piss off Erin at Oh Honestly, Erin

Sharon swatched sparkly goodness from her Fyrinnae stash at Hello There, Blondie!

Stephanie kicks off the second round of Nerd Wars with tiny knitted hexagons of doom.

Claire uses some Brazen colors at Claire’s Beauty.

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