Apr 132012


Henry was pillaging through Chooch’s bag of Easter candy from his class party and unearthed a bag of Jesus Promise Seeds. We both had this “Is time totally standing still for you, too?” moment before I started loudly laughing and snatched it from him.

Scripture Candy, are you kidding me!? This is beyond fantastic! I love candy, but I love clever candy even more. Went to their website and the selection is incredible. Jesus candy for every holiday! I’m totally buying this shit in bulk to send out with my non compos card orders and maybe to pass out on the trolley so I’ll fit in more.


Obviously I’ll keep some in a bowl on my desk at work, too. Maybe even in an urn.


I just learned yesterday that I’ve been using the word “macaronic” incorrectly. Apparently, it means:



composed of or characterized by Latin words mixed with vernacular words or non-Latin words given Latin endings.

composed of a mixture of languages.

mixed; jumbled.
I know you must be thinking, “But wait — I’ve been using it to describe objects that bear macaroni-like characteristics.” I know right, me too!  It makes me feel better to know that you too have been saying things like:
 “Your cock tastes macaronic today. No, don’t wash it! It’s good, I like it.”
“Baby, please. All my ex-boyfriends’ weeners are macaronic compared to your XXL conchiglie, big guy.”
All this time, we’ve actually been talking about verbose, yet confused, genitalia.
Jeannie just brought me an alread-sliced apple! God, my co-workers make it so easy for me.
Weird Al (& his macaronic pubes) would like to wish you a Happy Friday the 13th.
[I feel like I got brain matter all over this blog post. I’ll just get Henry to clean it.]

  4 Responses to “Friday’s Macaronic Spewings”

  1. Your draw something pics are the shit.

  2. Thanks a LOT, Erin, for that visual picture of a naked, hairy Weird Al. And now because I have a weird hair-in-food phobia, my mind will forevermore associate mac and cheese with pubic hair. Not sure I can forgive this one!

    *throws up in mouth a little*

    • I swear to god, I have a tattoo on my arm that says “If your stomach feels weak then my work here is done” for this exact reason! ;)

      (Plus it’s a line from one of my favorite songs.)

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