Aug 232013


#27: 50 Cent Catch.

Took this at Brown’s Country Kitchen after I almost died at the county fair, which I think I’m finally ready to write about, haha. Tomorrow, maybe.


#28: Henry Hates Pigtails.


#29: Obligatory B&W


#30: DONEZO!!

Hey, Face, it’s been real. But let’s give the Internet a break for awhile!

But first, one more thing: My friend Heidi was kind enough to include some of my photos in a blog post she wrote today about the art of self portraiture. She’s awesome and you should go and check it out if you’re feeling particularly read-y right now.

K, bye.

  2 Responses to “A Beautiful Mess Self Portrait Challenge: FIN!”

  1. I love you with the pigtail braids! Seriously adorable.

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