May 212016

Tomorrow, we’re taking my mannequin Trudy to The House so she can model some hot 80s sweaters which will be listed sometime soon on Depop, Instagram, eBay….here. There. Everywhere. Trying to save up some money for some repairs that the house needs. 

Fine, Chooch. You can model some more too. God. 

Guys, it’s a fucking pizza sweater dress. If I didn’t have the physique of a linebacker, this would be all up on me right now. But my broad ass and thick waist butcher this couture. So it’s up for grabs! 

If you’re into super in-your-face, totally rad oversized sweaters (most with removable shoulder pads—keep them in, I won’t judge), stay tuned. 

(Ok fine I’m keeping that cat sweater up there for myself…probably.)

  One Response to “totally rad retro knits”

  1. You definitely need to keep that cat sweater!

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