Oct 282017

Last Friday, we drove up to the Detroit-ish area so I could go to the PVRIS show (more on that separately). The best part about this though wasn’t the show, but the chance to see our pals Bill and Jessi! They graciously invited us to crash in their guest room and this made Henry hate me a little less for dragging him out of state again for another band. #tightwad

The show was in Royal Oak, about 45 minutes from their house, so it was nearly midnight by the time we got there that night and I felt awful about that, but we still ended up staying up until 2:30am, playing Camel Up, talking about Kpop (my obsession duh) and Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jessi’s obsession – she’s a part of the local Michigan cast!). And Chooch sang the may pole song from The Wicker Man for everyone and I was SO PROUD.

That’s my son, ladies and gents.

The next morning, we took Chooch’s new girlfriend Mabel for a walk! Bill & Jessi rescued Mabel from a breeder and she has since imprinted on Chooch. It was kind of the most adorable thing I’ve even seen and I watch A LOT of kpop videos. (Chooch just read this line and shook his head.)

Then Bill indulged me and put on kpop. I was so excited because Jessi walked into the kitchen and said, “What is this? I like it.” IT WAS BTS “GO GO”!!!!! They didn’t make fun of it at all and asked me questions about it like they were genuinely interested and I was so happy. It was like a No Snark Zone!

We had brunch at a new place nearby that Jessi had been wanting to try, called Anna’s. GOOD CALL, JESSI. We had to wait for about 15-20 minutes but it was well worth it. That menu was extensive, even for a difficult meat-boycotter such as myself. Usually I’m like, “OK I guess I will get the one thing available to me on this menu” or I have to be an annoying hipster and ask for substitutions, etc. But this time, I was actually struggling to decide because I had so many options!

I ended up getting the Hippie Hash (forget what I said up there because I was soooo close to being That Douche who orders the Kimchi Bowl and asks for them to hold the meat, but there were two different kinds of meats in it so I didn’t want to get involved in that convo). Fuck, you guys, this shit was so filling! And totally not as healthy as it sounded when it was just in words on a menu and not in a bowl in front of me. I was so stuffed that it ended up being the only meal I ate all day.

Worth it.

The decor in this bitch somehow made the food taste even better. I never knew how badly my walls needed toasters hung on them! Henry gave me the “don’t get any ideas” glare.

And the bathroom had vintage cake carriers on the wall! Anna’s was so dreamy, and our waitress was super efficient.

Obviously the best part was that we were with Bill and Jessi, though!

We went back to their house and spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games, watching Mabel make Chooch her bitch, and getting Bill to call his friends and tell them how he recently discovered that he really loves arm pits.

Chooch and Bill went outside to play basketball for a little bit before we left and at one point, Bill accidentally hit Chooch in the face. Jessi, Henry, and I were watching from the kitchen and we all started cracking up. “Well, there it is! It wouldn’t be right if a visit went by without Bill accidentally hurting Chooch!” It’s tradition, you guys.

We had to leave around 3 because we didn’t want to be getting home at a god awful hour which is usually what happens on road trips but it was so hard saying goodbye. These guys are like family to us and we always try to get the most of each visit, even these quick ones.

I just asked Chooch if he wanted to say anything and he said, “No, it’ll make me sad.”


Our drive home was so boring and uneventful. Chooch watched Mean Girls on Henry’s phone and is now some kind of dumb expert because he’s been taking online quizzes and I’m like NO ONE CARES. So far one Wednesday has passed and he didn’t wear pink so I guess he’s not THAT into it.

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