Jun 032010

In my “serious research” for The Christina Chronicles, I’ve made it to the journal containing a good portion of 2005. Jesus Christ, I was a mess! Even messier than I am now, which is really saying something and I admit that I took a moment out of my day to feel utterly sorry for 2005 Erin.

It’s interesting to look back on the state of my relationship with Henry and wonder how the hell we’ve made it to the point where we have a four-year-old son when it was apparently such a big deal if we got along that I would preface journal entries with all-capped ovations of WE DIDN’T FIGHT TODAY!!!!

Anyway, the point of this is that I wrote one night in February, Henry was thoroughly engrossed in a game of Ghost Recon (I AM SO GLAD HE DOESN’T PLAY THOSE STUPID GAMES ANYMORE!), when my cat Don approached him and cried.

Without taking his eyes from the TV, Henry replied, “Oh yeah? And did that happen yesterday or today?”

Then he realized I was in the room and tried to deny it, because Henry big man! Henry no speak to animals!

Interestingly, I was always flat-out ignored if I had the audacity to speak to the Gaming Master.

  7 Responses to “random 2005 memory”

  1. Now that’s Classic Erin! I *heart* you and Henry, and I’m glad you guys survived moments like those and others, such as leaving him at a highway trucker rest stop…!

    • I’m glad we did, too! I still remember going to Eat n Park and, when Henry got up to use the bathroom, you giddily asking me if I wanted to marry him. That was so freakin’ long ago!

      By the way, I was just telling my friend about your Yardville updates – genius!

  2. Stopping by from Mom Loop Follow Me Back Friday! Hope you’re doing well. So glad to have found your blog — I love your logo and look forward to getting to know you and your site!

  3. Hahahahahaha! To the blog. And the other thing.

  4. I <3 Henry, like Bill he has that hard exterior that thinly masks the softy beneath.

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