Apr 162011


Over on the Instagram app, I participate in this fun little weekly photo assignment called “Homework.” The last assignment’s theme was “Home,” something that makes you feel at home, reminds you of home, etc.

I only had to think about it for .87 seconds before choosing two photos from Warped Tour.


That one day every summer is literally where I leave my heart. Just thinking about July 22 (this year’s Pittsburgh date! I’ve had my ticket since December!) makes me feel giddy, light, warm in the aorta. I can’t explain it, but on no other day do I ever feel like I’m 100% me.

Warped Tour is home to me. (Fitting that my home, my heaven is Henry’s Hell.)

Audience participation: Where’s YOUR home?

  5 Responses to “Home”

  1. Home for me is Dead tour. Which means that my true home no longer exists. It was always ephemeral, but a real place, with constant reminders of its temporary magic and built-in nostalgia. Now I can visit a paler, quieter vestige of my village, and while a few tribe members may be there it’s more likely to be populated with in-laws and anthropologists.

  2. I love this app so much. It’s making me want an iPad.

    And I love that this is home for you. It makes so much sense.

    I appear to be homeless at the moment.

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