Oct 162013

I haven’t really been doing much during my week off from work, but I gotta say it’s been pretty fucking delightful to not have to stop what I’m doing to fuss with my hair and fling half of my wardrobe out of my closet while screaming “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TO WOOOOOOOORK!”

Today for instance, it has been raining nonstop and I didn’t have to walk to the trolley! (I still have to walk and get Chooch from school though, but at least “going to work” doesn’t happen after!)

However, that nagging countdown is definitely ticking in the back of my head. I’m going to be one unhappy broad next Monday. :(


We went to Bill’s for a post-Castle Blood ice cream hook-up Saturday night. Henry gets so mad when Chooch and I ditch him with all of our ice cream cones, haha.



Pumpkin soft serve, boyyyyy.


Me & Willie, Marcy’s daughter. She hates people, so getting this close to her was a pretty big fucking deal. Also, what the hell is happening to my eyes up there?


I have been trying to get Henry to learn how to do fishtail braids for the last 87 years. But then over the weekend, I watched a tutorial that actually made sense to my rock-filled head and voila, I had fishtail braids! Too bad I didn’t spend more time making sure the part in the back looked OK, so I wound up having to wear a beanie to the haunted house that night, and I do not look cute in beanies so NO MONSTER hit on me. FML.


Henry made a red velvet version of the Cupcake Pie, using the best red velvet cupcakes that Pittsburgh has to offer (Vanilla Pastry Studio, holla!). I took it with me Monday night when I went to hang out with Corey and Danielle, along with Halloween II and April Fool’s Day.


Corey dug into it immediately. We were both kind of fucked since there was no adult figure there to cut a slice for us, but we persevered — a pie made of cupcakes has a knack for making even the most helpless sad-sack find their inner knife-wielding strength.

Our initial response was the same: it was good but we liked the cupcake pie from the pie party better. The custard didn’t mesh right with the red velvet, and Henry ended up having to use extra to make sure the whole pie was coated evenly, so it had kind of an eggy taste. Still, it was a pie constructed of a red velvet foundation with a generous roof of Henry’s homemade cream cheese frosting, which is the best cream cheese frosting I’ve ever tasted IF I CAN BE CANDID HERE FOR A SECOND.

45 minutes later, Corey went back for seconds.

I took a piece home for Henry so that he could taste his errors, and he thinks he found a less eggy custard so he will be conquering this pie yet again very soon. And he will receive no objections from this cupcake ho-bag.

We had a really rough evening with Chooch yesterday. Henry kept looking at me, arms akimbo, and saying, “Little Erin. That’s exactly what he is and it’s SCARY. You both are so lucky that I have a cool head.” I guess it all started when we were at Target and Chooch was hungry and just totally lost it even though he knew that we were taking him to McDonald’s afterward. He caused a slight scene so I just pretended that I didn’t belong to him and Henry. So then we fed him and he was quiet for awhile, but then when we got home, he decided he was still hungry and pretty much tried to blow down the house with his ire. It was pretty fucking intense, and then I started being an asshole too because I realized that I was also hungry, so Henry had to make me dinner while trying to get Chooch to calm down before the neighbors called the cops. (He was in his room, slamming the door and SCREAMING about how Henry wants him to starve, so I’m sure that sounded not at all curious.) Anyway. Chooch ate a chicken sandwich and then put himself to bed and woke up completely normal (well, by Chooch-standards) and happy. I joked that he must have been having an existential crisis related to the fact that he just learned yesterday that it’s the Chicago Blackhawks, not Black Cops.

The highlight for me was when Henry called Chooch “master” but Chooch thought he said “bastard” and well, you can imagine how that went over. Henry’s lucky Chooch didn’t make a meal out of his face, at that point.


This vacation week couldn’t have been any more perfectly-timed, that’s for sure. A lot has been going on in my head and I’ve been pretty up and down emotionally. It’s mostly family-related, and I will just leave it at that. So when my favorite pastel-haired girl singer, Sherri Dupree-Bemis of the band Eisley, posted a sweet photo of herself, her daughter and her sister on Instagram along with some really sweet words about her family, I got all wistful and left her a comment about how nice it is, as an outsider from a completely broken family, to be allowed a glimpse into her life and how inspiring it is to see how close her family is with each other. She replied with a kiss-blowing emoticon and it totally made my day, you guys. Totally. Even Henry, who usually makes fun of me for being so obsessed with this family, smiled BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO CROSS ME.


People always want to remind me that family is an earned title, and I get that. Thanks! But it doesn’t really make it any easier to know that your mom could be in the same room as you and completely pretend that you don’t exist. But hey, that’s my cross to bear, right?

Whatever. I’m going to Rich’s Fright Farm tonight with Janna, so fuck everything else! Woo, October! (Hopefully Chooch & Henry don’t kill each other in my absence.)

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  1. Mmmmm pumpkin soft serve. Cream cheese frosting. McDonalds.

    This post made me super hungry, and I’m literally eating my lunch as I read. I don’t even know how that happens.

    I hope things are a little better lately! I don’t know what you’re going through (I have family issues but not like that) but I know you deserve the best.

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