Jul 262009

I was made for loving youVote for my rendition!

So for this one, I decided, “I should probably stand up and do some kicks, rock from side to side and punch the air. That will probably make me sound better.” And I thought it really did.

But Alisha said I just sounded like a rapist. :(

And then I had to record it again because I forgot to save it the first time, and Alisha wouldn’t stick around to cheer me on.


Mostly because she was too busy being a hobag, taking pictures of me doing my thang, which just happens to be SANGING. As in, “Hoooo girl, you can SANG!”

  7 Responses to “#42 Some KISS Up In Here: For Bonecrusher/Jen!”

  1. John sez “shoot the horse”. sigh….

  2. You’re doing great!

  3. Hahaha, good job!

  4. I think Paul Stanley would be proud and he’d def. say that God gave Rock ‘n Roll to YOU.

  5. oh man I loved this! when I sing this for karaoke I feel like kicks and side to side swaying/rocking are absolutely necessary

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