Feb 182010

Usually Henry is super quick to remove videos from the hard drive because he’s super protective of that “free space” shit on the computer, so I was surprised to find that this old movie thing my brother Corey and I made from Polaroids way back in like 2003 was still a workable link.

It’s seriously one of my favorite things ever, because my life lacks substance.


Click it!

I remember the day we took these pictures. I had stopped over my mom’s after work and Corey had just gotten one of those trendy Polaroids that printed on tiny sticker things and I can’t believe I can’t remember what that camera was called. I had one too. It was fun. Anyway, I must have been supremely bored that day. I do remember getting pissed at my mom though because I wanted her to take a picture of Corey and me for one of the “movie frames” I was laying out in my head and she refused, wanted no part of our idiocy. I know I seem like such an even tempered sweetheart, but anytime I’m immersed in some sort of project, even one that doesn’t count for anything more than filler for a boring day, I will lose my shit faster than you can say Skullfucking Miley Cyrus. Probably even faster than that but I just wanted to have a reason to write “skullfucking Miley Cyrus” and now I just gave myself two reasons to type “skullfucking Miley Cyrus.” Oh shit, THREE reasons.

In other news, I really hate figure skating.

  2 Responses to “Suck My Pickle, Apparently”

  1. This should be played to first graders across the globe to teach them about friendship.

  2. TOLHURST, I totally remember this from when you were on LJ!

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