Oct 092023

I would be remiss not to take some time out to fully appreciate the splendor* that is the Grand Curiosa Hotel in Gothenburg, the official hotel for Liseberg amusement park. It was seriously like stepping back in time. I know that if we had visited Liseberg on our own, Henry would have reserved some fly-by-night not-hostel but not-hotel for us and we would never would have known the opulence that could have been. I made a whole post that included pictures of our room while we were still there, but I have some more – plus a video! –  that I want to share before all of this gets lost in the insane dump of coaster snaps on my phone that I am still wading through.

Yes, I know, I already posted this picture, but it fits in better here.

Random restroom guardians.


This was the fancy Chinese restaurant on the top floor!

Licorice ice cream from the lobby – Tim was actually walking past when we were about to pay and slipped us some extra dining coupons which worked at the hotel ice cream parlor! THANKS, TIM!!


You guys, please understand – when we travel, we stay at very mid-tier (sometimes low-tier, who am I trying to fool – no one’s believing we’re rich lol) establishments so this had me wanting to tap dance down the steps while singing a duet with Daddy Warbucks. This place was god-tier. And the hotel itself told a whole story about a couple who liked to travel around the world collecting cool artifacts and mementoes and then built a hotel to display everything when they ran out of room. Concept lodging, give me more of that.

You better believe we were all sad kids the morning we checked out and moved on to the next location.

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