Apr 142014


We did our obligatory Easter bunny photo shoot over the weekend. The “DIY”approach started when Chooch was four and my mom made me feel like a shitty parent because we hadn’t taken him to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. LUCKILY I always keep animal masks in the trunk, so we dragged my mom’s rocking chair outside and made Henry put a rabbit mask on.

It’s been variations of that ever since.

And since today is the start of the Law Firm Walking Challenge, I will leave you to a bunch of pictures and no more words. What a nice change, right?!


His one vest button came unpopped and I didn’t notice until we got home. I was going to Photoshop it, but it’s way more “Chooch-esque” this way, I think. There’s always something slightly off with him.




Everyone was happy because these were taken literally a three minute drive down the street at some abandoned school for blind kids. Usually I pick a location way off the beaten path with no cell service so Henry can’t call the police on me, ever.







It was exhausting.

P.S. Chooch’s rate these days is $10 + ice cream.

  5 Responses to “Easter Bunny 2014”

  1. I love these. FUCKING LOVE THEM. There are no other words. They are amazing. You have such talent!

  2. These are incredible! The lighting is beautiful and the wider shots with the blanket could be an album cover, definitely. Also his eyes are killer. (Said in the least creepy-lady-from-the-internet way possible.)

  3. I, too, like the button being absent. And the entire idea behind this shoot. As always, your creativity is inspiring; I love these!!!

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