Jun 092015



Well, guys. I’m still obsessed with my succulents. Earlier tonight, I unwound by taking some of them outside for a PHOTO SHOOT. It gets really wild over here sometimes. And crunk, too, if anyone still says that. Anyway, I named this one Suzy Banyon.




One of the downsides to where I live is that there are ALWAYS people walking by and I kind of felt like I was being watched as I filmed a porno, you know? Because what I was doing was so INTIMATE. I’ve never been one to take photos of flowers and general objects of nature, so that’s how you know I am infatuated with my dumb plant collection. Henry’s mom was here today and right away I shouted COME LOOK AT MY PLANTS OMG. She agreed that Bae is pretty much the shit. 


This babe is Gossamer.



And you already know Bae! THIS IS A CLOSEUP OF BAE.



More Bae!


Sandworm, obvi. [Sidenote: I finally have a use for the root beer jug Janna bought me for my birthday at the Fayette County Fair a few years ago!]





My precious Panne.



PANNE AGAIN. I think Panne might be tied with Bae for my favorite.







This one is still a John Doe. I have to stare at it intensely some more. EDIT: Monica has dubbed this one Stefano Dimera because, like his namesake from Days of Our Lives, he’s hard to kill! (hopefully.)



Gossamer’s nickname is Nun’s Vag.

Henry just walked by and sighed. That might be my cue.

  5 Responses to “Full-Blown Plant Problems: A Photoshoot”

  1. That first one is SO PRETTY! I am gonna go to Home Depot and get some succulent dirt and maybe a few succulents. Then the thrift store to get cool mugs or teacups or something. You’ve inspired me.

    • Yes!! I really hope that you do. It has really been relaxing me a lot, and hopefully it will have the same effect for you as well. <3 I haven't looked yet, but one of my friends says that Trader Joes has a nice succulent variety too!

  2. Your plants are beautiful and so happy in your care. They do enjoy names and being spoken to; I can confirm this. Good thing you have Henry the Botanist to help you out with these. I wonder if he knows anything about Miracle Gro?!?!

  3. Is that a little Hommie in one of you plants? Ha! I love those. Your plants are looking great. It’s almost cathartic taking pics of plants and flowers. If it makes you feel better shoot away!

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