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I don’t ever need it to be October to enjoy scary things, but I am definitely getting all amped up over here for haunted houses and Halloween. I admittedly wasn’t feeling it for awhile there, which leads to me believe that I really am more dead than alive inside…or should that mean that I would be even DOUBLY amped?

This is the first time that Chooch has known what he’s going to be for months, but I’m sure we’ll drag it out and wait until the last minute as usual to make his costume. (Lol, “we.”) It’s not going to be gory like the zombie clown or last year’s Death By Stereo, but it will arguably be sjust as obscure as the latter.


(J/k, it’s not that exciting.)

Other things I’m excited for in October:

  • The 6th pie party! “We” have no idea what “we’re” making, but the theme is “exotic.”
  • More shows, duh. We might be taking Chooch to see the Summer Set in Columbus and I’m looking forward to giving oral to a cupful of Jeni’s.
  • Trying some new haunted houses.
  • Sitting in a cemetery, trying out some new spells.
  • Henry making things with squash and pumpkins.
  • Eating too much of Chooch’s trick-or-treating bounty and then complaining about being so dumb, so fat.
  • Finally wearing hoodies, I hope?! It’s still so hot.
  • Celebrating the idiot cats’ 1st birthday, which is October 3rd according to Sandy who is the fur-mom of their bio brother, Kitten Play.
  • Maybe still watching this season of American Horror Story — will this be the first season since season 2 that I’ll be able to see through to the end?! I hope so. I hate being let down. I already have 509 issues with this current season and it’s only the second episode, are my standards too high? TOO BAD.
  • Not arriving to work a sweaty mess from walking to the trolley in 97 degree heat.
  • Luring Chris and Monica over here for some horror movie viewings.
  • Making fun of the Halloween window displays along Brookline Boulevard. I have no chill for my town.

What was your favorite costume as a kid? I think mine was a Monopoly Board.


I actually hate dressing up now, though, and have probably only done so 5 times as an adult. INTERESTING.

Basically, this blog post is full of the things I would say if I had someone to talk to right now, but I don’t because I’m only one awake and I am LONELY AND BORED and also I drank way too much coffee today—good thing I’m on late shift tomorrow because this dumb B ain’t going to bed anytime soon, no sir.

I think I’m going to get a simple jack o’lantern tattoo on my thumb at some point. Maybe as a cover-up for that obsolete H on my ring finger, lol.

(J/K, Henry. Ugh.)

Now’s the portion of the night where I play all my Riot Fest videos and cry like the emo bitch I am. NEVER CHANGE, SELF.



  2 Responses to “3…2…1…October”

  1. I cracked up at this. Because my dad thought Halloween was Satan’s holiday growing up, we didn’t celebrate it much. (My grandma and aunts took us trick-or-treating until the year my sister was a witch and my brother was a vampire, which cemented my dad’s Evil Satan Holiday idea, so Halloween was over for us until he left his family for some internet whore during my first year of college, but I digress.) Point being, my favorite costume is from when I was an adult! And it was Alex DeLarge, and it was kickass. I dressed as him twice, and I may even still have a codpiece hanging around in the office at home. (Literally. It somehow made it onto the curtain rod in lieu of curtains.)

    • Whoa – I didn’t know that about your dad. That’s terrible!! :/ And i would love to see pictures of you as Alex if you have any! The year i was making all of the Halloween Glenns at work, that was one of them and Sandy was the ONLY ONE who knew who he was. I was stunned.

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