Nov 102010

Was going to post some photos I took of Chooch on Sunday, when he was being a huge sour puss. I was looking at them, getting ready to upload them here, when I thought, “God, why can’t he be more cooperative? Like Blake.” And then I immediately thought of Blake’s pumpkinhead photos, and those are some of my favorite photos ever, so I’m giving them life again. Also mostly because I don’t feel like writing shit today. I just want to watch TV while my kid is in school, OK?!

Blake, where you at? Let’s do this again soon.

Maybe if Chooch is lucky, I’ll post his photos later. And maybe let him up from the basement.

  3 Responses to “Pumpkinfied, Redux”

  1. These photos are fucking bad-ass to say the least!!

  2. I love these. So much.

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