Oct 052012

Scored a new member for the Wheelchair Gang today at Goodwill!


I can’t believe someone would give away such an evil specimen.


I’m so pleased with him! I’ve named him Mauricio. He’s fit in seamlessly with Malachai and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby.



Can’t wait for them to come alive and gut the neighborhood with melon ballers!

Scored these “baby’s” as well.


In other OHE happenings, I’ve been off work for the last two days and it has been lovely. I spent yesterday catching up with my oldest friend Christy (she’s the one you’d want to go to for confirmation on all the Adolescent Erin tales, and also the one who tried to warn me about getting involved with Psycho Mike, god bless her), and then Seri and I spent 87 hours in the car just to get psychologically tortured at Ghoul Mansion in Sharon, PA. More on that later (and also my annual Castle Blood review)!

Today was spent scouring various stores for components of my Halloween desk decor – I’m really excited about it this year and can’t wait to start putting it together on Monday! Henry is helping me make a large paper mâché clown head today so hopefully that ends successfully and with little blood shed.

I’ve also been spending my time off catching up on season 2 of The Killing which has quickly become my new obsession and possibly in the Top 5 of my favorite TV shows, so naturally it was canceled.

On top of all that, I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick. Yay!

  6 Responses to “The Wheelchair Gang & What’s Up on 3021 My Street”

  1. I’m getting sick, too. BOO. Every picture in this post scared me just a bit. I am not a huge fan of dolls.

  2. Jimmity christmas Erin, he’s the creepiest one out of the whole pack sitting up there on the mantel. Also…you know I want to see pics of the end result of the clown head. Oh- and my throat hurts. Sore to the hilt. What did we catch up in that ghost house?

  3. I prefer the title “BFF Emeritus” to “my oldest friend” which makes me seem like I’m 95 you know? Also, I totally have a sore throat…it sucks. I blame Andrew.

  4. those are some truly creepy looking dolls…. especially the fetal alcohol one…. creepy!

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