Jun 232012

Remember last year when I was making People of Brookline postcards? I don’t think I ever posted this one, but this lady* is a walking addict. For as long as I’ve been living here (13 years, OMG), I have seen her walking through every season, every element, usually always in the same clothes. (Ignore the text on the postcard — the purple pants are BACK, bitches.) This grizzled broad walks EVERYWHERE. We’ve even seen her walking up the steepest hills in neighboring towns.

(*Actually, the jury is out on the gender.)

One time, Henry saw her COME OUT OF A HOUSE. She might actually live somewhere other than the streets! I can’t even…

I’m hoping to see her walk past my house at some point this weekend, because I’m going to hitch a ride on her walking-wake. If I can keep up with her, that’s a surefire way to crush this walking challenge. She could walk me to victory. (And probably also an IV hook-up in the ER.)

I have a sinking suspicion Purple Pants might be my future.

  3 Responses to “Whaddup, Purple Pants!”

  1. So, what you are really saying here is that you either need her on your team or if this challenge goes on any longer, you will be joining her.

  2. I’m glad I am not the only one questioning the gender. If you turn into this… person… you should do some bright yellow pants or something. That would be incredible, and then you’re not encroaching on her (his?) territory.

  3. Everybody needs a wiry old broad on her team!

    Our town has a Santa-esque old guy who walks the same 4 mile square everyday. We call him (imaginatively) Walking Guy. We’ve watched his jolly jelly belly shrink over the past few years.

    He’s kind of hot now.

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