Apr 152014


Henry hates it when Chooch & I walk to the bakery and buy him a donut because he knows there is absolutely nothing altruistic about it. We just want to take pictures of pretty pink frosting grazing his bristling moustache so that we can endlessly mock him later. It’s one of my favorite past times.

So now Henry tries to act like he doesn’t want the donut. In fact, he was only pretending to eat it just so I would take a picture and leave him alone.

Henry’s dumb lunch.



He kept trying to sneak bites without me noticing so I wouldn’t take any pictures but I’m too fucking good. Get real, Henry.


It never gets old.

And this concludes my Law Firm Fitness Challenge Cop Out Blog Post. I feel guilty if I waste too much time sitting and typing when I could be pacing and lurking. (I lost two pounds since it started yesterday morning! My body fucking hates me today!)

  5 Responses to “Henry & the Donut”

  1. Do they have apple fritters? God, do I miss me some good apple fritters.

  2. That smile though! Like he knows he’s doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing. Haha I love it!

  3. No it never gets old. Not at all. I like these, and also pictures of Henry eating ice cream.

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