Jun 182013


Even more than amusement parks, county fairs, road trips and cemetery heat waves, my favorite thing about summer is WARPED TOUR. (Which you already know if you’ve known me for at least 15 days. I have framed pictures of the damn thing on my desk at work for fuck’s sake.)


The tour officially kicked off a few days ago and I have been salivating over all of the pictures they’ve been throwing up on Instagram. One more month until it’s here in Pittsburgh and I can hardly wait! Chiodos! Sleeping With Sirens! Hands Like Houses! The Wonder Years! letlive.! The Used! Man Overboard! BRING ME THE HORIZON! Plus all the bands I don’t even know that I like yet!  I can’t even. An entire day to be amongst my own people!


What’s notable about this year’s Warped Tour is that it will be Chooch’s first ever time attending! We almost took him last year, but decided against it at the last minute. But ever since he went to the Pierce the Veil show (and found out his 8th grade cougar-girlfriend will be there), he has been expressing interest in going with us this summer and it’s not like I would ever try to discourage that! I really think he’s going to fucking love it. There’s so much going on there that if he needs a break from the music, he’ll be covered. And I’m sure Henry will be using him as his scapegoat.

“Oh, boy….uh, it looks like Chooch needs to….sit down. Under a tree. And take a nap. BBL KBYE.”


Maybe I’ll try to get them both to guest post about it afterward.

Anyway, I’m posting this not just because I’m excited but also because I needed a break from writing about Kennywood because the residual giggles are apt to get me fired from my job that is how obnoxious I’ve been here this week. Sorry, co-workers! I’m trying to get my psychotic, worrisome laughing fits confined to my desk but sometimes they slip out in the bathroom and the kitchen and every single hallway I’ve tread on today.


No Jonny Craig at Warped Tour this year, too bad so sad.

OK, I need to get back to penning my Kennywood prose so that my detractors can get ready to tell me how grammatically incorrect my “writing” is, at which point I will pause to remind everyone that all I do is post iPhone photos and YouTube videos of my favorite songs, so like…what writing?

  6 Responses to “Anticipation: JULY 17!!”

  1. I should come to Pittsburgh instead of Cuyahoga Falls. But I don’t think I can keep up with you. : ]

  2. I’m mad at Warped Tour right now. At least, the SLC one anyway. I had a list of 12 or so bands I was wanting to see from the year’s line-up. Only one from my list is coming, and they were on the back-up “to see if there isn’t a better band on stage” list. So I’m not going. Again. The Used started here and they aren’t even coming. So dumb. I hope you are getting the good bands in Pittsburgh!

    • Aw, no!!! I was hoping that you’d go this year. :( It’s strange that the Used is there two years in a row, actually.

      One of my favorite parts of Warped Tour is getting to fall in love with bands that I’ve never heard before, but I guess I might not go either if there wasn’t at least one band I REALLY wanted to see.

  3. My first comment here EVAR. Omg, so nervous ;) Ive always wanted to go to Warped, but never have because:
    it’s typically like a sauna outside that time of year and I have a bizarre phobia about my own sweat (though not anyone else’s… weird),
    my former coworker would schedule her vacations then and no one else could take any days while she was gone (biatch
    the venue is in the boonies/I don’t drive/no one will go with me (waaah)

    But when I saw Silverstein is playing this year, I kinda peed a little. It’s really unlikely I’ll get an opportunity to see them again. So indecisive. Aren’t I too old for this?! ARGH!

    • You should totally try and go! Even if there aren’t a lot of bands there that you want to see, it’s a really cool experience, especially the people-watching!!

      I never feel too old to be there. No one ever makes me feel judged or like I don’t belong and that’s why I love Warped more than any other music festival! I went to Coachella once in 2004 and felt like all of the Bright Eyes were making fun of me behind my back. One of the worst music festivals I’ve ever attended!

  4. PS commenting via kindle is hard! Do not recommend. ;)
    Also do not recommend clicking my nsfw url. Doh.

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