Jan 282014

I was at work last night when Chiodos sent out an email with a video for a song off their upcoming album. I listened to it immediately and it was the summer of 2007 again (in all the best ways) and, please don’t think I’m turning soft and overly-sentimental, but I swear it felt like I was being put back together. ESPECIALLY WHEN CRAIG OWENS SCREAMS.

I actually loved their last album, the one with Brandon Bolmer. I will love Chiodos no matter how they have at the helm, but to have Craig back with them, oh you guys. I am so stoked to buy this album!

After work, I made Henry listen to it. “I started crying when I first listened to it,” I confided in him.

“Why?” he sighed, used to this by now.

“BECAUSE IT’S JUST SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD,” my inner teenager wailed. And it was just what I needed, too. It makes me want to start doing the painting/short story thing I used to do what seems like another lifetime ago. I guess it really was another lifetime ago. My job has really snuffed out whatever iota of creativity I once had. Oh, Catch-22, you fucking hairy cocksucker, you.

You’ve broken everything I love and I can’t wait to be myself again. — Yes. This. SO MUCH OF THIS RIGHT HERE.

In related news, remember when Henry the Miser wouldn’t buy me a Chiodos hoodie so I had to make my own?

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  1. Ah, I love this.

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